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    Keep it All in One Place

    Access, organize, and edit every file stored on your iOS device & on your cloud storage accounts all in one place with iFile Browser! Access files saved on remote storage accounts, view every file type in the world, and unify the way you manage docs!

  • iFile Browser in hand

    iFile Browser offers "one stop shop" access to view & edit every file you need & want to!

    • iFile Browser isn’t simply a portal for you to access any and every file you’ve got saved on your iOS device. The app links directly with iCloud and Dropbox accounts too.
    • Once iFile Browser is up and running you can open up, view, and edit every file you’ve got even if its a file type that’s not normally supported by iOS. Every video format, picture format, and document format. Simply put - everything.

  • iFile Browser iPad

    Manage your docs & files more effectively with iFile Browser:

    Manage all known file types and view all iOS supported file formats all in one app. Perform all kinds of file management just as in windows explorer. iFile Browser is so easy that you don't have to read a user manual or go through help documents to do what you want.

    • “Cut” & “Copy” Utilities:
    • Use these file editing tools to select, take out, move, and add specific portions of any docs content.
    • Rename files:
    • Edit and change file & document names with ease.
    • Compress files into .zip files
    • Save space and compress large files to send & share via email
    • File decompression from .zip, .rar, & .tar files:
    • Open up & view large files normally unable to be opened on iOS devices with the click of a button.
  • iFile Browser on iPad desk

    Sharing & Printing Files Made Easier with iFile Browser:

    • Share files via email:
    • Wirelessly share any files & docs they’d like to with contacts.
    • Print files wirelessly via Air Print
    • Print any document to any printer regardless of where you are with a bluetooth connection.
    • Import photos & take photos right through iFile Browser:
    • Want to add photo to add into your iFile Browser? Take one without ever leaving the app and save it directly, or import photos from your iPhoto Gallery, Photostream or DropBox accounts with a few simple clicks.
    • In-app file search bar:
    • Locate documents and other files by name that are either locally on your device or stored on iCloud/ Dropbox.

  • Device Support iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
    Features Files management, Documents viewer, Built-in media player and much more…
    Version 5.2 (released December 14th 2012)
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